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Dreesman Buffalo Ranch

3575 L Ave

Tama, IA  52339








You're invited to join us the first Saturday of October for our annual Open House.

Welcome to the Dreesman Buffalo Ranch website.



If you are . . .

  • interested in an healthy alternative to beef, or if you are simply curious about the possibility of expanding your cuisine . . . 
  • interested in a hunting experience of a lifetime . . .
  • looking for varying terrain to bring your horses for a trail ride . . .

you have found the right site.


Dreesman Buffalo Ranch, located in central Iowa, offers all of the above possibilities and more.


We sell quality buffalo meat directly to the public and to suppliers, restaurants and stores.  All cuts are available (ribeye, New York strip, minute steak, sirloin, ground meat, etc), as well as hot dogs, sausage, bologna, and different flavors of jerky. 


We ship all over the United States.


Local customers can save big by buying a whole buffalo, or by going in with more people and splitting the meat and the cost.


Please call or email for current prices. 





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