Go and don’t accumulate debts while you find work

Currently, labor competition has become so great that few people can feel confident that they will never lose their job for some reason. If you are part of what, unfortunately they have lost their job, we leave you two tips that you can take, one to be able to survive with your debts and the other to be able to find a new job through the Job Fairs.

The economy and unemployment

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We know that a dismissal can be a situation that occurs suddenly and well, payments that are already within the budget can be severely affected such as :

  • Payments for basic services such as electricity, water, gas
  • Payments for optional services such as internet, pay TV streaming among others
  • Mortgage payments and auto credit
  • Credit card payments and personal credits

All this can balance your economy, for what we suggest, in what you get a new job:

  • Use your credit card unemployment insurance and as such stop using them
  • Request an extension in your home and car loans
  • Change your optional services for simple packages
  • You can go to request a partial withdrawal from your Afore if the situation becomes emergent

And for him to find a new job is not so difficult, we recommend you visit the Job Fairs. We already tell you what they are.

What are the Job Fairs?

What are the Job Fairs?

Job fairs always help more than one discover how much they can give and give you a vision of the future. Where do you imagine working? What company resembles your personality? How many companies work in your area?

They represent a completely free service where it is directly linked to mass labor. In the same space are concentrated both those who seek employment, as well as companies that offer work, so it is a great opportunity to find something for you.

Benefits of job fairs

Benefits of job fairs

  • You save time by having a range of alternatives in front of you in one place
  • You have more opportunities to leave a good impression than through the photo in your CV. This is because you have more advantage in knowing what the type of recruiter you are going to address is. This is because you have had time to investigate how is the company that will be at the job fair and in which you are looking to integrate
  • It allows you to know your labor market and make contacts for the future
  • Every company you see at that fair needs talented people. It is very different when you knock on the door of a place without knowing if they require staff at that time
  • There are fairs for each type of target: recent graduates, which are made in universities, industrial sector fairs, local fairs, among others

Do not let anything stop you! Use job fairs as your best allies and in a two by three you will have work and unparalleled professional growth.