August 4, 2022

Famous Buffalo restaurant teases major announcement

Buffalo food is one of a kind. When you imagine western New York, it doesn’t take long to get to food items like wings, beef on weck, and sponge candy.

We also love our local restaurants. Ted’s, Anderson’s, Duffs, Bar-Bill and so many more places that have more than one location and are staples of Buffalo cuisine.

Another extremely popular place is Mighty Taco.

Mighty Taco is known as a night stop for residents of Western New York. Maybe you went out with friends or family on a Friday or Saturday night and need something to eat that’s open; look no further than Mighty Taco.

Mighty Taco has great hard shell tacos and they give me nostalgic memories of being a teenager again, when I used to go there all the time.

On Wednesday, Mighty Taco teased a major social media announcement. The thing they’re teasing will happen on March 28…

Could this be a new menu item? The return of a menu item? New location?

I could see a new location, but maybe it’s a food that comes with the arrival of spring and warmer weather.

Mighty Taco has been famous in the past for its colorful and entertaining commercials, so maybe we’re getting it with this ad.

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