August 4, 2022

Las Puertas is the last restaurant in Buffalo to report a break-in

The restaurant posted on Instagram that someone sneaked through a back door that was open and stole knives, kitchen equipment and electronics

BUFFALO, NY – A Buffalo restaurant is the latest victim of a burglary.

Las Puertas Buffalo posted on his Instagram account that someone had sneaked through an open back door and stole knives, kitchen equipment and electronics.

The owner says no one was hurt, but they are hoping a neighbor’s video can help catch the culprit.

Like all restaurants during the coronavirus pandemic, this comes at a difficult time. Several other break-ins have taken place in the village of Elmwood in recent weeks.

“You know my first reaction was disheartening, obviously,” said chef Victor Parra Gonzalez, “as we try to bring a whole team back and restore some normalcy for us.

“The material that I can replace. I can always get another knife somewhere. For me, what has been invaluable is the community that has come to say what can we do that is priceless.”

Gonzalez said Buffalo police stopped by Sunday morning and were investigating the break-in.

2 On Your Side knows that at least one other restaurant was broken into this weekend but has not heard from the owner or the Buffalo Police.