December 7, 2022

Orlovsky goes rogue; Bills are coming due for Trump; Prime time for local butchers

Bills fans, as usual, found plenty of reasons to dislike the national broadcast of the team’s 41-7 “Monday Night Football” victory over the Tennessee Titans.

Analysts talked too much. ESPN continued to use a split screen showing a different game that Buffalo fans couldn’t care less about.

But the low point had to be a single comment made by analyst Dan Orlovsky during the garbage period when the game was so out of reach that major starters were resting.

Orlovsky’s crime: favoring the wrong dive.

When the conversation turned to chicken wings – as it often does at Bills games – the former quarterback-turned-analyst said, “I think blue cheese is disgusting. I love ranches.

That sound you heard was a collective gasp in bars and lounges across Western New York.

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His name is “Blitzer”, after all

There’s no escaping the Bills this time of year.

CNN anchor and Kenmore West alumnus Wolf Blitzer asked a panel of experts about the week’s developments regarding former President Donald Trump on Thursday afternoon on his show “The Situation Room.”

Blitzer, a die-hard Bills fan who often posts photos of himself wearing a Bills jersey and cheering on his hometown team, asked Palm Beach County State’s Attorney David Aronberg about the court’s decision. appeals court authorizing the Department of Justice to continue to examine the classified documents found. at Mar-a-Lago.

“How important is a victory for the Department of Justice?” Blitzer asked.

“Wolf, that’s like what your Bills did to the Titans on Sunday. That’s a big win,” Aronberg replied.

Give Blitzer credit for not just yelling “Go Bills!” the.

An event to be held Monday in the Albany area is a reminder that football is on the minds of many, but there are other sports competitions going on.

Like cutting beef, for example.

A pair of Western New Yorkers will join butchers from across New York in the first round of the Qualifier Meat Cutting Challenge at 1 p.m. Monday at Clifton Park Ice Rink.

Texas Roadhouse butchers Ryan Flatley (Tonawanda) and Zac Townsend (Cheektowaga) are among the 15 people who will demonstrate their skills.

According to a press release, it works like this: “Each entrant receives 30-40 pounds of beef, consisting of a sirloin, tenderloin, and rib eye to be cut. Meat cutters are judged on quality, yield and speed of this timed cut. The winner is the one who produces the most steaks, with the best quality of cut in the least amount of time. To ensure the best quality of meat, all cutting is done at a cold temperature of 38 degrees.

Those who make it to the Nationals in March have a chance to win $25,000 and be crowned Meat Cutter of the Year.

Hoping one of our local guys makes the cut.