September 28, 2022

Paige Clark Named Bills Season Ticket Member of the Month for January

Paige Clark, a Finger Lakes native, is January’s winner of the Buffalo Bills 2021-22 Season Ticket Program of the Month, and has been a Bills supporter for more than a decade.

Originally from Hammondsport, NY, Paige now resides in Lewiston and will enter her 10th year as a season ticket holder this fall. His father-in-law, James Johnson, first bought seats in the 300 section of the stadium, but later passed them on to him. She would then move on to Section 125 and now monitor Section 124.

Paige’s love for the Bills began after her first time watching them live against the New York Jets on November 2, 2008. James, or JJ as Paige calls him, is still one of the biggest influences on his connection to the team. But it’s more than watching the Bills play that brings them together on game day.

“He’s been a huge reason why I became a Bills fan and continue to be my meat-grilling partner because we throw epic parties,” Paige said. “Anyone who knows me knows that if they plan to hook up with us it will be a great time. It’s a huge part of the game experience.

“…I’ve been to a few away games and there’s nothing quite like the neighborhood-like, home-from-home atmosphere that we have here with our tailgating experiences at Orchard Park. So that’s definitely the best place, that’s for sure.”

Paige said she and her family have been stalking the same spot on Big Tree Road for 10 years.

Paige’s biological father, Kevin Kaiser, is an Indianapolis Colts fan, so on January 3, 2010, they attended the Bills’ home final when they beat the then-Colts 14-1, 30 -7. It was the first time the Bath resident had seen his favorite team and the state side face off in person. Paige was able to capture her dad’s moment in a photo, but ironically, there was a pleasant surprise to come with it.

“During the game, I took a photo of my dad, of him shouting at the crowd. And we didn’t find out until months later when I met my husband Chris. [Clark], that Chris was actually in the photo in the background,” Paige said. “So we didn’t even know each other…so it was definitely fate for sure.”

One of the Clarks’ mutual friends would hook up two months later, leading to them dating for several years. Fast forward to 2015, their bond with the Bills was further strengthened when Chris decided to propose to Paige in Buffalo’s 41-14 win over the Miami Dolphins on September 27, 2015.

“I remember it was after halftime and I remember our offense was on the pitch because they were running towards our end zone,” Paige said, referring to their seats from the section 125.

“I was focused on that, then all of a sudden my husband looked at me and got down on his knees during the game. And I was like, ‘I’m trying to watch the game!’ was so cool. … What’s nice is that a fan behind us saw that he was doing it, so he pulled out his phone and took some pictures. So I have some pictures there too .